ALL ONTARIO has been providing our clients with the knowledgeable advice, with regard to products for successful Land Reclamation, Hydroseeding, Sodding, and Erosion Control projects. As the industry evolves, so have we. We welcome any inquiries and are more than willing to discuss your projects and recommend products suited to your needs.


Through our dedication we continuously strive to broaden our services and product’s line to ensure that we have the right services, products and/or systems to meet the specific demands for our clients. We welcome any inquiries and are more than willing to discuss your requirements and recommend services, products and/or equipment suited to meet your needs.



We have partnered with DLF Pick Seed (World’s Largest Seed Company) so we can provide you with virtually any seed mixture that you may need. Soil testing will help you to decide the right seed. Mixtures & Blends (

Campus Green:          All Purpose Lawn Mixture is a balanced blend of turf species for satisfactory performance over a broad range of conditions. This mixture is ideal for home lawns and professional landscape use. Ideal for new seeding of lawns, industrial areas and roadsides. A general-purpose turf mixture that is adaptable and cost effective. Will not tolerate mowing less than 2.5cm.

EcoTurf:                    Provides a low maintenance lawn that is environmentally friendly. Requires less mowing and fertilizer. Excellent drought tolerance, only requires watering during establishment. EcoTurf contains endophtyes and natural occurring fungus that provides natural insect resistance, increased disease resistance, greater vigour for wear tolerance and density for greater weed competition. Endophytes have also been linked with reduced leaf growth and increased winter persistence. EcoTurf provides a fast germinating, quick establishing stand. Ideal for use in dry sandy soil conditions, lawns without irrigation and areas where minimal maintenance and inputs are required. Can be used in full sun or shade. Weak spreading ability, traffic and wear under high use.

Perfection:               Is ideal for home and industry lawns, commercial and institutional use. It is also used for overseeding mid to high quality lawns. Perfection will produce a turf of medium to high density with an attractive, deep colour. Use Perfection where a balanced mixture is required that will deliver a superior turf. Benefits from good weed control throughout the establishment and dethatching every second season. Should be seeded on sunny, open areas or partial shade (40% reduced sunlight maximum). Fertilize at medium to high levels of nitrogen annually ( i.e. 1.5 – 2 kg/100m²).


Sports Turf (Non-Irrigated):         Is a proven mixture of varieties that have consistently performed on non-irrigated surfaces. Creeping Red Fescue contributes its superior quality in colour, texture, spreading ability and resistance to Helminthosporium Leaf Spot and melting out. For quick germination, winter hardiness, dark green colour, tolerance to summer stress and excellent mowability, Perennial Ryegrass has been included. Developed for athletic fields and high traffic areas that require deep roots, wear resistance and toughness that only SPORTS TURF (Non-Irrigated) can deliver. Prefers full sun but will tolerate moderate shade.

Ultra Shade:            Turf production in shade is a significant challenge. Most plants need sunlight, even the components. While tolerant to reduced light, they still have a minimum requirement to carry on photosynthesis. The grasses included in Ultra Shade will produce a dominant fescue turf. This will consist of fine, bristle-like leaves that can become very dense. Generally, a series of seedings over 2- 5 years may be necessary to obtain satisfactory results and an acceptable turf. Mow at a higher cutting height for best results. Use in areas with restricted sunlight (50% - 70% Reduced Sunlight). Compounding the problem of good turf in shade are factors including: Dry soils, Restricted air movement, Period of grass smothering while leaves are lying on grass, and fertility requirements that are lower than for other turfs (Nitrogen at 1.5 kg/100m²).

Greenfields:           Is a “Conservation” mixture that can be used to provide excellent ground cover for land in a holding pattern, wildlife cover, erodible slopes and around pond and ditch banks. It can be left un-mowed or cut 2 to 3 times annually. Once established, it requires little to no fertilizer. Intersperse some patches of wildflowers for and enhanced appearance. The combination of durable and persistent grasses with clover produces this symbiotic, long-lived and attractive ground cover, and it is economical too. Will not tolerate mowing heights less than 5 cm.

Butterfly & Humming Bird:         Is a mixture of Hardy perennials and self seeding annuals designed to attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators. Ideal for use in upland soils. Does not tolerate wet soils. Not to be used in areas with less than 6 hours of sunlight per day