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ALL ONTARIO has been providing our clients with the knowledgeable advice, with regard to products for successful Land Reclamation, Hydroseeding, Sodding, and Erosion Control projects. As the industry evolves, so have we. We welcome any inquiries and are more than willing to discuss your projects and recommend products suited to your needs.


Through our dedication we continuously strive to broaden our services and product’s line to ensure that we have the right services, products and/or systems to meet the specific demands for our clients. We welcome any inquiries and are more than willing to discuss your requirements and recommend services, products and/or equipment suited to meet your needs.

Soil Augmentation


Every project has their own set of unique challenges and expectations. Soil testing has the capability to supply custom solutions for your job sites. Additives are products that can improve the growing environment during the hydroseeding process. Soil testing will help you to determine the most appropriate additives.

Tackifiers:            Are natural, environmentally friendly products that supply more soil stabilization to the mulch for slopes, ditches, banks, and high wind/rain areas. In addition, they also function as a lubricant for the hydroseeding pump for less wear and tear.


Hydrogel:            Is a super absorbent that increases the amount of available moisture in the root zone of a newly hydroseeded area. The gel granules absorb up to 400 times their weight in water. As the soil dries, moisture is slowly released from the gel granules improving growth and reducing demand for supplemental watering. As more moisture becomes available gel granules re-absorb thus continuing the cycle time after time. When used as directed, co-polymer gel provides the hydroseeding contractor with a proven water management tool. 


Interlocking Fibers:          Increase the tensile strength of the hydroseeding mulch on exposed, more critical sites. The crimped fibers help withstand higher rates of surface flow on longer and steeper slopes by interlocking with each other, increasing the mechanical bond and fiber-to-soil contact.


Fertilizer:             Newly hydroseeded area must have a prompt source of nutrients immediately following seed germination. Adding fertilizer into the hydroseeding slurry is the most effective way for seed to have a prompt source of nutrients needed to ensure strong and healthy growth. The three main components of fertilizer are Nitrogen, Potassium, and Potash. These elements are listed on the bag, supplies the percentages. The first number is “Up,” which is for the green grass you see, nitrogen makes the grass green and healthy looking. Second number is “Down,” Potassium is for a healthy root system, and Third number is “All Around” for the overall plant health such as disease resistance. A rhyme to remember is: UP (NITROGEN), DOWN (PHOSPHATE), ALL AROUND (POTASSIUM). Soil testing will help you to figure out the proper fertilizer.

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