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HYDROSEEDING:     Hydroseeding is much more than slopping some seed and mulch on the ground and hoping it will grow!

Regrettably, there is “NO” set price for hydroseeding because the cost is determined by each job’s variables.

(Location, Size, Application Conditions and Seed Mixture)

To learn more about the Hydroseeding Process please download our All About Hydroseeding Document. It will also assist you in completing the hydroseeding quote form, so your hydroseeding project will be successful 

CONSULTING:          Planning any Land Reclamation, project can be a daunting task and overwhelming task. But it is an essential component to the overall success and value of any project. This task should not be left to individuals or companies who do not understand the consequences associated with the entire project. A consultation will provide you with invaluable advice as to the best way to proceed with your project and save you from making costly mistakes. Our consultation will advise you as the best way to proceed with your project and provide an estimate for ALL ONTARIO doing the recommended work within the allotted time frame. All Ontario will credit a portion of the consultation fee against your project’s invoice.

SODDING:           Is an installation process of using pre grown rolls of grass to establish a lawn immediately and to avoid soil erosion in commercial and residential construction. It is primarily used as a quicker alternative to re-growing a lawn from seed and assisting in flood prevention by draining water. Sod is usually fully functional within 30 days of installation forming a visually appealing lawn. However additional time is required before it is robust enough for use. During this period sod requires extensive watering for its root system to anchor. Sod can also be used to repair a small area of lawn, that has died as a quicker alternative to re-growing a lawn from seed. Sod is also effective in increasing cooling, improving air and water quality, and assisting in flood prevention by draining water.


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SOIL PREPARATION:     Not preparing the soil correctly is one of the most common and major mistakes made when hydroseeding or sodding. The soil must be “PROPERLY PREPARED” prior to hydroseeding, erosion control or sodding because most seeds and definitely sod require a fine textured, loose soil surface for the small roots to penetrate and take hold. Soil type, and quality have the greatest influence on the growth potential of seed or sod depending upon the amount of organic matter present within the soil. We recommend doing a soil test before starting and project. A soil test will provide recommendations and nutrient requirements for good root growth. Crop Science Services - SGS. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the true value of good and proper soil preparation.

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Turbo Turf Hydroseeders:     Turbo Technologies was established in 1990 when they introduced their Jet agitated Hydroseeding Systems which changed the landscaping and hydroseeding fields forever. Jet agitated hydroseeding systems are made in sizes from 50 gallon to 1600 gallons and high performance mechanically agitated hydroseeders since 2004.  They are available in 400, 500, 750 and 1000 gallon sizes.

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When your Turbo Turf Hydroseeding system breaks down you may need to replace some parts. 

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Turbo Turf Brine Sprayers and/or Brine makers:     There is a revolution going on in controlling snow and ice on roads and parking lots. Ice Control Sprayers used for anti-icing and de-icing are reducing material and labor costs and making our roads and parking lots safer. Turbo Turf has tried to build the finest Ice Control Sprayers on the market. Units are available in 50 to 1600 gallon sizes with gas power, hydraulic power or 12 volt electric power. Booms are available to spray one lane or three lanes with in cab wired or wireless controls. GPS controllers are also available to automatically adjust the application rate to ground speed. 

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When your Turbo Turf Brine Sprayer or Maker breaks down you may need to replace some parts. 

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