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ALL ONTARIO has been providing our clients with quality services to help ensure success of their Hydroseeding, Erosion Control and land Reclamation projects. As the industry evolves, so have we. We welcome any inquiries and are more than willing to discuss your requirements and recommend services suited to your project’s needs.

HYDROSEEDING:     Is a seed planting process, which uses a water based slurry mixture of seed, mulch, and additives applied from a tank mounted on a truck or trailer over prepared ground originating back to the 1940’s.

  • Virtually any place where the ground has been disturbed you will find hydroseeding being used as a flexible, practical and a cost effective seeding solution when compared to other seeding methods.

  • Hydroseeding can be used for restoring residential lawns to large-scale construction projects, and anything in between. It is also highly effective for erosion control on hillsides and sloped areas.


  • No longer do you need a relatively large area for, hydroseeding to be cost effective option. Our fleet of hydroseeding systems gives us the ability to offer hydroseed services for areas as small as 76M2 (820F2) and for areas with limited accessibility.


The newest innovation for hydroseeding is using engineered soil mediums. Traditionally, using onsite topsoil is best, but more often than not there is little or no salvageable topsoil available because subsoils have intermixed and lacking organic material. Therefore, the requirement to import topsoil is considered necessary before seeding can take place.


  • Engineered Soil Mediums are a biotic soil amendment, designed just for the purpose of providing the needed organic material needed to kick start the building of new topsoil from the existing onsite topsoil and subsoil. So why import topsoil after construction if the only soil component missing is organic matter.


  • Engineered Soil Medium hydroseeding is a cost effective alternative to transporting in new top soil. We have the abilith to hydroseed Engineered Soil Medium's for areas as small as 1584 square feet (147 M2)

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EROSION & SEDIMENT CONTROL:  Are techniques designed to protect an exposed soil surface while preventing or reducing the effects from wind or water in, land development and human activities. Effective erosion control can manage surface runoff and prevent soil loss, loss of wildlife habitat, property damage, water pollution and promoting re-vegetation as soon as possible.

Controlling and/or preventing the effects erosion is an essential part of construction and land reclamation process. This includes reducing soil erosion caused by rain, water and wind, or protecting waterways from the inevitable build-up of silt, sediment or debris from nearby construction sites. Erosion & Sediment Control are divided into one of three categories.


  • Hydraulically (HECP) re-vegetation erosion control which uses hydroseeding mulches that have the addition of special bonding agents designed to withstand extreme slopes and weather activity. Hydraulically Applied Erosion Control is quicker, safer and more cost effective than installing Rolled Erosion Control Products or Vegetated Wall Systems.


  • Rolled (RECP) re-vegetation erosion control which uses standard mulches combined with rolled erosion control products such as erosion control blankets, turf reinforcement mats and slope interruption devices.


  • Vegetated Wall Systems are designed to outlast it's hardscape predecessors, including concrete and steel. They are used to build everything from small creek banks to massive roadways – providing permanent stability you can build on.

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SODDING:           Is an installation process of using pre grown rolls of grass to establish a lawn immediately and to avoid soil erosion in commercial and residential construction. It is primarily used as a quicker alternative to re-growing a lawn from seed and assisting in flood prevention by draining water. Sod is usually fully functional within 30 days of installation forming a visually appealing lawn. However additional time is required before it is robust enough for use. During this period sod requires extensive watering for its root system to anchor. Sod can also be used to repair a small area of lawn, that has died as a quicker alternative to re-growing a lawn from seed. Sod is also effective in increasing cooling, improving air and water quality, and assisting in flood prevention by draining water.

GROUND (SEEDBED) PREPARATION:     It doesn’t matter if you’re laying sod, hydroseeding, or dry seeding, the ground preparation is exactly the same. The secret to creating a beautiful lawn is thorough proper ground (seedbed) preparation and not preparing the ground correctly is one of the most common, costly, and major mistakes. There is a distinct disadvantage in NOT preparing the ground properly prior to planting, so NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the true value of good and proper ground preparation. Sod and most seeds require a fine textured, loose soil surface for the small roots to penetrate and take hold.

Soil type, and quality have the greatest influence on the germination, establishment and sustainability potential of whatever is being planted. We highly recommend doing a soil test before starting any project to determine and ensure the soil has all nutrients necessary to support germination, establishment, and sustainability. A soil test will provide recommendations and nutrient requirements for good root growth. Crop Science Services - SGS . CLICK HERE FOR A SOIL TEST FORM

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CONSULTING:   Planning any type of land reclamation project can be an overwhelming and/or daunting task regardless the process you are considering. This task should not be left to individuals or companies who do not understand all of the consequences associated with the entire project.

Our consultation will provide you with invaluable advice as to the best way to go ahead with your project and save you from making costly mistakes. Should you decide to have All Ontario supply a consultation for your project. We will advise you as the best way to proceed with your project and provide an estimate for ALL ONTARIO doing the recommended work within the allotted time frame.



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