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All Ontario has proudly supplied the Hydroseeding and Liquid Ice Control industries with Turbo Turf Equipment since 2010. We welcome you to contact us to discuss requirements and suggest the equipment that will best fit your needs.


All Ontario continuously strives to broaden our services and product lines to ensure that we have the right services, products and/or systems available to meet the specific demands for our clients. 

What Type of Equipment Are You Interested In?

Turbo Turf Hydroseeders, the fastest and easiest way to seed a new lawn

Turbo Technologies was established in 1990 when they introduced their Jet agitated Hydroseeding Systems which changed the landscaping and hydroseeding fields forever. Jet agitated hydroseeding systems are made in sizes from 50 gallon to 1600 gallons and high performance mechanically agitated hydroseeders since 2004.  They are available in 400, 500, 750 and 1000 gallon sizes. Turbo Technologies continues to evolve along with the hydroseeding industry.

Turbo Turf Brine Sprayers and/or Brine makers, to save time and money

There is a revolution going on in controlling snow and ice on roads and parking lots. Ice Control Sprayers used for anti-icing and de-icing are reducing material and labor costs and making our roads and parking lots safer. Turbo Turf has tried to build the finest Ice Control Sprayers on the market. Units are available in 50 to 1600 gallon sizes with gas power, hydraulic power or 12 volt electric power. Booms are available to spray one lane or three lanes with in cab wired or wireless controls. GPS controllers are also available to automatically adjust the application rate to ground speed. 

To get a quick equipment estimate in Canadian Dollars, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Equipment Link

  2. Choose the piece of Equipment you are interested in

  3. Take the listed price and divide by .70 to get the approximate cost in Canadian Dollars, less shipping


Due to the current supply chain issues, we cannot provide shipping costs until the unit(s) are ready for shipping. We will shop a number of freight companies when the unit(s) are ready for shipping get the best rate possible and we will contact you with the exact freight charges for your approval prior to processing your credit card.


If you are looking for equipment that allows you to get valuable savings. Than used equipment should fit the need. There may be some weathering on these units, but All hydroseeders, Ice Control Sprayers, Brine Makers have gone through and extensive inspection and are ready for work.


Generally, the decision to rent a Hydroseeding or Direct Liquid Application system is to:

  • Do a specific job(s), but do not have enough volume to support purchasing a system at this time

  • Your equipment is down and the job(s) need to be completed, or:

  • You are considering to add hydroseeding or liquid ice control services as a value added service to your existing business and want to try before buying without a large capital investment

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